• anjelica-huston-people
    Celebrities| October 10, 2016

    Women of the 80’s Then and Now. Part 2

    Anjelica Huston Born in 1951 to a prima ballerina and an actor/director, Anjelica Huston was exposed to the...

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    Women of the 70’s Then and Now. Part 2

    Michelle Pfeiffer Michelle Pfeiffer had her first starring role in the 1983 film Grease 2, but it was...

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    11 Celebs With the Highest IQ’S

    They’ve got it all… We love to follow the the lives of celebrities. So much so that we...

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    10 Bi-Curious Stars Who Have Batted for Both Teams.

    Raul Esparza Broadway star Raul Esparza was married to a woman from 1993 until 2008, but he has...

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    Check Out These Women of the 80’s: Then and Now

    Many beloved female stars of the 80’s are still with us today, but they don’t always look the...

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    11 Hot Kim Kardashian Photos

    “Okay, body shamers, pipe down.” That’s probably what Kim Kardashian is thinking these days. Because no matter how...

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    All the Times Gwen Stefani Was a Total Trendsetter. Part 1

    Yes, we’re talking Gwen Stefani, she of the platinum locks and signature red lip. It’s hard to imagine...

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    Miley Cyrus’s Tuscan-Style Mansion in Los Angeles. Part 1

    With her Southern twang, it’s easy to forget that Tennessee-born Miley Cyrus spends the majority of her time...

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    35 Celebrities Who Are Broke. Part 1

    It’s pretty difficult to fathom how celebrities can make millions of dollars in a year, yet blow it...

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    Women of the 70’s Then and Now. Part 1

      Many beloved female stars of the 70’s are still with us today, but they don’t always look...