Women of the 70’s Then and Now. Part 5

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Jacqueline Bisset


Born in England in 1944, Jacqueline Bisset became an international movie star in the 1960s because of her undeniably stunning beauty. Her first roles were intended to show off her good looks rather than her acting talent, but she’s become well-respected for her acting abilities over in time. In fact, she was the recipient of the highest French honor Légion d’honneur in 2010. Her first Golden Globe nomination came in 1968 for her performance in The Sweetest Ride. She went on to be nominated for four more Golden Globes over the course of her career, finally winning one in 2013 for the BBC miniseries Dancing on the Edge. Some of her more notable works over the years include films such as The Detective, Airport, Murder on the Orient Express, and The Deep, and she’s still acting today.

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